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Business Model
We provide investors the opportunity to participate in strategically located, high-quality, income-producing real estate investments that continuously outperform the various stock market indices without any management and headaches.

We are a real estate investment business that focuses on the acquisition of under-managed, under-valued, income-producing properties in carefully targeted neighborhoods of emerging markets across the United States. The company’s current areas of focus are industries that provide immediate cash flow and large potential appreciation, more specifically, medium to large apartment complexes.

The company also focuses on developing key relationships within a variety of growth markets. At any given time, the company’s network continues to grow and is presently infiltrating emerging markets that have been identified to present the highest level of value and return for our investors. The company uses a variety of strategies for sourcing value-added assets.

Emerging markets can be labeled as new growth markets or correcting markets from a previous cycle downturn. There are several variables that are used to identify these markets from historic growth patterns as well as future projections that are weighed in the ultimate decision process. The demographic variable is just one component in this complex evaluation process and is used in conjunction with a myriad of other instruments to measure whether a market is truly emerging.

The company is taking advantage of this exciting market by actively buying properties with an eye on adding value. Our success is based on the company’s ability to acquire properties at the optimum price, maximize returns through aggressive professional property management, and implement successful exit strategies, which are carefully planned from the time of acquisition.

The company welcomes new partnerships in multi-family apartments. The company’s strict criteria for investments and high ethical standards are your best assurance of maximum returns for the company and its investors.

Through strong management and marketing, we will develop a community environment where our tenants will enjoy living in a clean and safe neighborhood. Our mission is to develop strong investments secured by Multi-Unit Residential Properties in emerging markets through accredited investor partnerships. We serve our investors through a strong synergistic management team with an expansive background in real estate investing.

We serve our investors, through a strong management team, by evaluating, financing, acquiring and managing quality assets to provide optimum returns and asset appreciation for investors by acquiring multi-units residential properties in emerging markets.

We are creating a successful apartment acquisition business by systematically evaluating and acquiring income producing properties. We intend to use equity and debt capital and other debt instruments such as mortgage notes, discounted bank notes and REO transactions to secure these properties at favorable terms.

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